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Patches » Official Patch v1.1

Fixes a number of bugs in the game. Upgrades to v1.1.

Patches » Official Patch v1.1 (Laptop friendly)

Fixes a number of bugs in the game, including a small fix for laptop users.

Mods » ofFlag

Flag pack

Mods » ofFrench

French portraits

Mods » ofKings German

Kings German Legion

Mods » ofMarriage

Marriage mod + extra

Mods » ofPrussian

Prussian portraits

Mods » ofRussian

Russian portraits

Mods » otto-hans-BANDERAS.rar

Changes flags of a number of countries

Mods » Papal States mod

Changes excisting Infantry and cav units, plus adds new flags.

Patches » Patch v1.05

Fixes a number of bugs in the game. Upgrades to v1.05.

Demo » Planet 51 PC demo

This is the PC demo for Planet 51.

Trailers » Praetorians Barbarians Trailer

Trailer showcasing the Barbarian tribes

Trailers » Praetorians Egyptians Trailer

Trailer showcasing the Egyptian army

Trailers » Praetorians Eł Trailer

Praetorians trailer shown at Eł

Mod tools » Praetorians Modding Guide

Guide which should give you a good start modding Praetorians

Mod tools » Praetorians Modding Guide - Units

This guide explains how to change the maximum amount of troops per unit.

Demo » Praetorians MP Demo

Multiplayer demo for Praetorians

Demo » Praetorians one-hour full trial

This trial gives you full access to the game for a hour

Trailers » Praetorians Romans Trailer

Praetorians trailer showcasing the Roman legions

Trailers » Praetorians Romans Trailer

Trailer showcasing the Roman legions

Demo » Praetorians SP Demo

Singeplayer demo for Praetorians

Trailers » Praetorians Trailer

First video footage of Praetorians

Mod tools » Praetorians_OGG.exe

OGG tool.

Trailers » Prey teaser

Mods » Prussian naval

Changes the Prussian naval flag

Mods » Prussian voice commands.rar

New Prussian voice commandos

Mods » Realistic_Militia_Mod

Makes militia weaker.

Mods » Russian naval

Changes the Russian Naval flag

Mods » Shadow mod

Removes the highlights when selecting a unit.

Mods » Sky

Another small mod, changes the skies for naval battles.

Mods » Smoke

Adds thicker and fuller smoke to infantry when they fire their rifles

Trailers » Sniper trailer

Shows the sniper in action

Mods »

C2 Soundmod by Twitch

Mods » Spanishskinpack.rar

Historicly accurate skins for Spanish units

Mods » SwitchingMilitiatolineInfantry.rar

This mod replaces militia with line infantry in look and action- no more militia charges, they'll form square etc.

Mods » Uniform mod

New uniforms for some neutral nations.

Mods » Uniform mod1

New uniforms for Prussia and England

Mods » US

Version 3

Mods » US


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