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Official Patch v1.1

Fix list
  • Battles: Users can now speed up/slow down battles with CTRL+/- and return to default speed with CTRL and *
  • Narrator: Users can disable narrator voice with CTRL V
  • Naval Battles: Damage inflicted by ships has been increased
  • Horse Artillery/Horse Howitzers: Movement speed increased
  • Multiplayer post-battle screen: Game now states who played as who
  • Salamanca Historical Battle: Timer adjusted to 25 minutes
  • Salamanca Historical Battle: Fixed crash when fighting in forest
  • Multiplayer Naval Battle: Fixed crash with options menu on-screen at end of battle
  • Castille map: Fixed issue of Troops turning invisible when entering forest
  • Management Tutorial: Fixed problem with the Captain's name
  • Land Battle Tutorial: Highlight now appears on Musketeers
  • Cyrenaica map: Now not possible to position troops in an unrealistic place
  • Izhora map: Units cannot now walk through part of building
  • Research Tree: "Tithe" text corrected to display 50% increase in production
  • Russian version: Fixed crash during Management Game, following liberation of an annexed country
  • Intel Graphic chipset users will now work
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