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Patch v1.05

This patch has been created by Javier Arévalo, project director of Praetorians. It's an unofficial patch, thus Eidos/Pyro can't support it. Not to worry though, it has been tested without problems. The patch also includes the same fixes from v1.04.

Fixes from v1.05
  • Fixed a bug where a troop could become invulnerable by splitting it as it comes out of a village.

    Fixes from v1.04
  • War machines no longer refuse to attack an enemy that is already sustaining heavy ranged attacks.
  • A message was not being displayed correctly in Fear the Eagles, it will now.
  • Bowmen in defense towers could stop responding, this is fixed.
  • Corrected a missing slash when experience points are highlighted (German).
  • The Wolf and Hawk no longer freeze when ambushed Hunters are nearby.
  • Fixed some situations where the German Cavalry could get stuck.
  • User name no longer can be the same as a CPU player when hosting a game. This had the side-effect of confusing unit control and ownership.
  • Fixed some situations where Bowmen in defense towers could stop attacking.
  • "Save Sequence" button no longer shown after playing back a recorded sequence. Resaving the sequence would corrupt the file.
  • Signal Allies is now functional when enemy/allied troop are selected.
  • Mirage no longer halts inferiority or keeps the game from ending.
  • Alt-F4 while in the Stats screen after winning a mission, will record the mission as completed.
  • When launching from lobby like Gamespy, the game no longer automatically includes the CPU players configured in the previous game. This used to prevent human players from joining the game from the lobby if the total number of humans + CPUs exceeds 8.
  • Demoting with multiple troops selected no longer fails if one of them is light Infantry.
  • Ladders built by different civilizations are now correctly grouped under the same icon and selected with double-click.
  • Repeatedly hitting space while the app is restoring from minimized state could cause side-effects when the Accept / Cancel dialogs are up.
  • German Cavalry's Impale charge can now be cancelled.
  • Joining troops that can be joined no longer causes the "Impossible" sound clip to be played in some instances.
  • Demoting with multiple selection containing light infantry is now possible.
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