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- Increase unit sizes infantry: 100 men cavalry: 60 men artillery: 5 guns - Reduce unit movement and formation speeds - Increase musketry/artillery ranges (varies slightly with unit experience) mortars: about 140m 6 inch: about 160m 12 inch: about 200m infantry: about 75m light infantry: about 100m - Progressively (by range) reduce musketry and arillery accuracy - Reduce AI tendency to start infantry melee - Change AI unit building priorities The AI should build better balanced armies now. AI will build less artillery. - Max 3 ships per sea region This forces the AI to waste less resources on ships - Faster commander promotions - Increase AI resource bonuses & research management. The AI should remain competitive throughout the campaign now. - Increase the number of units under a commander (Thanks to Daddeeo51 for letting me use his mod!) Captain: 5 units Colonel: 6 units General: 7 units Unfortunately, the number of units for Field Marshalls is limited by the game at 6 units. In order to get around this problem I have set the required experience for Field Marshalls very high, so you will only see them when someone completes the Sons of St.Louis quest.

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