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Mods » C2: Destination Paris

A great mod for C2, see for more info

Mods » CSF - No Intros Mod

This tool will shut off all the annoying intro movies that are shown before the game starts up.

Mods » English voice commands.rar

New voice commandos for the Brits..

Mods » CSF - All Missions Mod

Unlocks all missions and commando difficulty level.

Mods » Realistic_Militia_Mod

Makes militia weaker.

Mods » Formation mod.rar

It enables all soldiers, not counting militia, to carry their rifles against their shoulders.

Mods » Commandos 3 hotkeys patch

Brings back the hotkeys.

Mod tools » Praetorians Modding Guide - Units

This guide explains how to change the maximum amount of troops per unit.

Mods » CSF- Difficulty Mod

This mod increases the game's difficulty by removing most of the information displayed on the radar screen.

Mod tools »

Utility to extract .DIR and .PCK files

Patches » IG Discovery

Modding Historical battles

Mods » DefModeloGestion mod

Gives leaders more soldiers to command.

Mods » british_flag.rar

Changes the British flag to a more authentic one

Mods » SwitchingMilitiatolineInfantry.rar

This mod replaces militia with line infantry in look and action- no more militia charges, they'll form square etc.

Mods »

Mods »

Mods » otto-hans-BANDERAS.rar

Changes flags of a number of countries

Mods » Shadow mod

Removes the highlights when selecting a unit.

Mod tools » LoadMNGFormat.rar

English translation of the documentation file of the MNG format

Mod tools »

Decodes a lot of the Commandos 2 and 3 files

Mods » 95riflesupd.rar

Mods » BattleModv12

Changes unit stats and other things.

Mods » ofMarriage

Marriage mod + extra

Mods » Demo mod

Lets you play as the other side in the demo.

Mods » Different country switches.rar

Let's you play as other countries.

Mods » ofFlag

Flag pack

Mods » Naval battles

Custom historical naval battles.

Mods » Flag pack5

New flags

Mods » Flag pack4

Adds new flags

Mods » Irish Legion

New French riflemen

Mods » ofCamera

Camera mod

Mods » English menu flag

Changes the English flag on the map.

Mods » Smoke

Adds thicker and fuller smoke to infantry when they fire their rifles

Mod tools » Praetorians Modding Guide

Guide which should give you a good start modding Praetorians

Mods » Flag pack3

A collection of flags

Patches » Blood Patch

Adds blood to the US version.

Mods » Prussian voice commands.rar

New Prussian voice commandos

Mods » Navy crew

This mod replaces the people aboard naval ships for England and Fance.

Mods » ofAustrian

Austrian portraits

Mods » Spanishskinpack.rar

Historicly accurate skins for Spanish units

Mods » Danishskinpack.rar

Historical correct skins for Danish units

Mods » Sky

Another small mod, changes the skies for naval battles.

Mods » ofPrussian

Prussian portraits

Mods » ofRussian

Russian portraits

Mods » Flag pack2

A collection of flags.

Mods » 1804 French

Changes the French flag to this historic one.

Mods » 71st Highland infantry Mod

New English soldier skin, w/flag

Patches » Commandos BEL WinXP Patch

Patch that allows you to play the game on a Windows XP system.

Mods » Highlander mod

Edits the English elite unit.

Mods » ofEnglish

English portraits

Mods » US

Version 3

Mods » C.C sounds addon.rar

changes the infantry sounds

Mods » British Cavalry Mod

Edits some skins for British cavalry

Mods » Historic Battles2

Adds two new historic battles.

Mods » ofKings German

Kings German Legion

Mods » British Cavalry Mod1

New skins for English Lifeguards and Lancers

Mods » IG Crusades

IG Crusades mod, BETA

Mods »

A mod for C3, check the readme for all the changes.

Mods » British Infantry Mod

New soldier skins

Mods » ofFrench

French portraits

Mods » french1806campaign.rar

historically accurate skins for the French 1806-1812

Mods » Uniform mod

New uniforms for some neutral nations.

Mods » Combat sounds.rar

Some new combat sounds.

Mods » Naval sounds

Some new Naval sounds

Mods »

C2 Soundmod by Twitch

Mod tools » imperialglory_editor.exe

IG Mod tools, give some information.

Mod tools » Commandos 3

All the Commandos 3 files that can be decoded.

Mods » US

Trailers » Commandos 3 -Diver- Trailer

Trailer introducing the Divers' abilities

Trailers » Commandos 3 Spy Trailer

Trailer introducint the Spy's abilities

Trailers » Commandos 3 -Sapper- Trailer

Trailer introducing the Sappers' abilities.

Mods » Battle of Vittoria Mod part 1

New French skins

Mods » English voice commands.rar

New voice commands for the Brits

Mods » French voice commands.rar

New French voice commandos

Mods » Uniform mod1

New uniforms for Prussia and England

Mods » Battle of Vittoria Mod part 2

New English skins w/flag

Trailers » Praetorians Barbarians Trailer

Trailer showcasing the Barbarian tribes

Mods » Batavian naval flag

Changes the flags on ships

Mods » 1815 English

Adds Royal arty soldiers and edits some other units.

Mods » Historic Battles

Adds a new battle and edits another.

Trailers » Commandos 3 -Lupin- Trailer

Trailer introducint Lupin's abilities.

Music » CSF Track 1

Music track of Commandos: Strike Force

Trailers » Commandos 3 -Sniper- Trailer

Trailer introducing the Snipers' abilities

Mods » English naval

Changes the naval flag of England

Mods » Prussian naval

Changes the Prussian naval flag

Mods » Russian naval

Changes the Russian Naval flag

Patches » Patch v1.05

Fixes a number of bugs in the game. Upgrades to v1.05.

Mod tools » Dragon Unpacker Version:

External download, needed to decode/crypt some files.

Mod tools »

Debugger for C2.

Trailers » Praetorians Egyptians Trailer

Trailer showcasing the Egyptian army

Trailers » Praetorians Romans Trailer

Praetorians trailer showcasing the Roman legions

Trailers » Praetorians Romans Trailer

Trailer showcasing the Roman legions

Mods » Austrian Naval flag

Changes the flags on Austrian ships.

Mods » Artillery officers mod

Adds arty soldiers and officers.

Mods » C.C sounds addon4.1

New command/marching tunes.

Mod tools » Commandos 2

All the Commandos 2 files that can be decoded

Trailers » Cimmeria Movies

Movies of Cimmeria, the game which was Pyro Studios' original concept for Praetorians before it was completely redesigned.

Trailers » Praetorians Trailer

First video footage of Praetorians


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