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This patch is for users with a 64 bit version of Windows.

Demo » Planet 51 PC demo

This is the PC demo for Planet 51.

Mods » 71st Highland infantry Mod

New English soldier skin, w/flag

Mods » Battle of Vittoria Mod part 2

New English skins w/flag

Mods » Battle of Vittoria Mod part 1

New French skins

Mods » British Infantry Mod

New soldier skins

Mods » British Cavalry Mod1

New skins for English Lifeguards and Lancers

Mods » British Cavalry Mod

Edits some skins for British cavalry

Mods » IG Crusades

IG Crusades mod, BETA

Mods » CSF- Difficulty Mod

This mod increases the game's difficulty by removing most of the information displayed on the radar screen.